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CBDex® - unique CBD oils

In CBDex® we are introducing new, innovative, 100% legal and highly effective Cannabidiol (CBD) products with 0% THC. CBD is the active substance of hemp - one of the world’s oldest cultivated plants, which has been used as medicine for centuries. Nowadays it finds use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Many studies suggest that CBD has many positive anti-inflammatory, neuro protective and immunity boosting effects on the human body. It complements our endocannabinoid system and helps reach a calm state of mind, while not being addictive nor harmful in any way.
There are thousands of testimonials, studies and research papers that indicate one thing: CBD has a great potential and quite possibly is the next big thing in pharmaceutical and medical industries. Due to legal reasons it's not allowed to write about medical effects of CBD products, so you need to form your opinion independently while doing your research.

More information about CBD can be found HERE or in the left menu.

Why is our concept unique?


There are available CBD products on the current market, that are usually made from whole plant extracts. In these extracts there is a higher number of THC and other unwanted components, which then need to be separated. Some do so, some don’t. Most of the manufacturers do just take the extract and mix it with hemp oil. 
We didn't want to use such approach regarding our products.

We use cannabis sativa flower extract – extract from the buds (flowers) of legal hemp. Buds are rich for CBD and have very low to zero levels of other unwelcome components. To produce the final extract we then use a unique method of THC separation developed with the Czech Academy of Science – a method that has been ‘tuned’ for many years now, resulting in an extract with 0% of THC. 

We tried to push our concept even further towards customers and spent huge amount of time talking to them, listening to their needs and wishes. CBDex® integrates what we’ve learned from our customers with many years of our team’s experience and introduces to the market product lines, that are carefully designed to target specific difficulties. 

You can therefore easily choose the most suitable product that meets your needs.

Why choose CBDex®?

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Unique concept
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0% THC
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We are legal
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Lab tested
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